Colocasia mojito 3” pot size plug - Jungle Vibes and Vines

Colocasia mojito 3” pot size plug

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Will open shipping again in springtime.  Our recent cold snap sent some into dormancy. 



These sold out very fast last year so be sure to secure your plant today! Very limited number available. 

I could stare at these leaves for hours! Growers choice of plants picked for sale. Current stock is 3” plant plug in pots. Loves to have wet roots and can tolerate full sun to semi shady locations.

SOME LEAVES MAY BE TRIMMED FOR SHIPPING! Colocasia typically experience some leaf loss or wilt during the shipping process but are quick to produce new ones! Please be patient with your new plant. DO NOT REPOT FOR AT LEAST A MONTH. 
Plants will be shipped in their pots to reduce shipping stress.